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Testing and research

Different from traditional usability testing, we offer user experience testing that focuses on understanding the behaviour of the user in their work environment and throughout the site content. This, we believe, gives invaluable insight into how they use a website as just one of many tools available to them to do their job, find information or be entertained. Our testing includes persona testing and extends to ethnographic research. We can also help create surveys and questionnaires to assist in the testing process.

User experience design

Blending user experience knowledge with site structure and graphic design, we offer innovative interface and website design that's based on actual user behaviour and site content. We start with information architecture and site wireframing and always recommend usability testing and site prototyping whenever possible.

Usability testing

We offer usability testing that done via paper or screen shot prototyping with your key user groups either onsite with you or in a usability lab environment.

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Clients and case studies

  • The Society of Chiropodists & Podiatrists
  • Office Angels
  • Voyager