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Content and information strategy

In order to successfully implement any type of content, document or information management software, you must first understand how your users will interact with the content contained therein. This should lead to a requirements and site infrastructure definition that will then laid the groundwork for the selection of CMS or ECM software. FSM specialises in helping clients through this process based on years of experience implementing CMS’ in large organisations and can ensure that the software you select becomes part of a business solution, not a site that needs re-launching in a years’ time.

Content migration

All staff at FSM have lived through many messy content migration projects in their time. Whether you are thinking of migrating legacy data or simply updating your website and changing platforms or content management systems, we can help advise you on the best strategy for your organisation, the best tools and method of migration, as well as assist you during the migration itself.

Content auditing

After several years of website content “build-up”, doing an audit can be extremely beneficial in helping you understand just what you should be managing and what can be archived. This process, can, however, be a bit overwhelming as many organisations have left it a bit too long.

FSM offers a day-long masterclass for your site owners and authors to help them create a process to wade through the existing data, preparing it for migration to a new platform or CMS and planning an audit strategy so that you are not left in the same situation in a year or two. This masterclass uses case studies and leaves attendees with a plan of action for carrying out their own audit.

CMS selection and implementation

Since FSM is vendor agnostic when it comes to selecting a CMS, we can help you select and implement the right software solution for your business. Our services range from product/vendor section, software integration and web services platform builds based, again, on your key audiences and business requirements.

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Clients and case studies

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