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Findability audit

A holistic approach to transforming your site from one upon which users search for content to one in which they find it, our Findability Audit incorporates usability testing and personas to first understand your siteís users and the way in which they are looking for information.

We then help you optimise your content so it is organised, categorised and classified from both a user-led and business-defined perspective. This is followed by work to ensure your search engine and CMS support the new changes and your content is actionable once the users find it.

The part of the audit defines metrics by which you can measure the success of the changes going forward and leaves you with a set of tools you can use to carry this work forward. See more on our Findability Audit.

Taxonomy, thesaurus building and content categorisation

A critical component to the success of a usable site is content key-wording and categorisation or taxonomy. This should be based on how your users look for information in addition to the terminology the business uses. FSM has taxonomy expertise that can help turn your site from a sea of data to content thatís easily retrievable from your internal or external search engine, tied into your site IA and navigation. We also offer corporate thesaurus creation so that your taxonomy strategy can become the part of the business strategy and a base for your knowledge management programme if applicable.

Search engine optimisation

User behaviour has changed over the last several years from navigation first to search first when coming to a site Ė internet, extranet or intranet. If your search engine isnít performing up to scratch, we can help you fine tune it both technically and strategically so it becomes a key component of your siteís usability. This includes meta-tagging, linking and categorisation of your content in the way your local search engine works based on your taxonomy as described above as well as optimisation services for your site so external engines can find your site and your content.

We also offer unique strategic results services for your internet or intranet search engines that allow you to create usable search results content, place related content intelligently and expose key-wording to educate users as they search.

Topic mapping

The use of topics and topic pages within your site infrastructure is changing the way content is categorised today. FSMís partner, Networked Planet, is a leading provider of topic map software and worked on the original topic mapping standards over 4 years ago. Together, we can help you update your site to support this revolutionary new way for users to interact with your content and find what they need across your site environment.

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