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Lynda Rathbone, MD of Four Square Media, is a regular speaker and writer on user experience design, content management, classification and taxonomy and search engine metrics.

In February 2010, she published a book through the Ark Group called Transforming your website into a business critical resource. It's a comprehensive guide for anyone involved with their organisation's websites and covers:

  • What makes a successful website?
  • How to define your audiences correctly and understand their needs and requirements;
  • What makes a good user experience on a website? findability or how users seek, find and act on information in their user journey?
  • How to develop an online strategy for your organisation;
  • What is the ideal navigation?
  • How to use information architecture and wireframes for a user-led site structure, the importance of content formatting and making your content assets (.pdf files, audio, video and more) work for you;
  • What makes good website design? striking the right balance between visual and information-led design;
  • How to make your content more findable, both from an external and local-search engine?
  • How to generate value and return on investment;
  • How to measure the success of your website using metrics? and
  • What does the future of websites hold?

Her recent speeches are listed below by date and topic.

You can also download selected articles from EI magazine

September 2008, London, England
Ark Group Masterclass - Website Findability

June 2008, London, England
Ark Group conference - Benchmarking your intranet: culture and communication

July 2008, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia
Speech and Workshop at the 2nd Annual Portals, Content Management and Collaboration Conference, speaking on "Creating User-led Content"

July 2007, London, England
Sift Seminar on Findability, Web 2.0 and Search Engine Optimisation

February 2006, London, England
Speech and Workshop on "Intranets: taming the beast"

January 2006, London, England
"Optimising search and retrieval to deliver critical information to visitors"

October 2005, London, England
Intranet Strategy - "Satisfying User Needs in a Large, Culturally Diverse Organisation" and "Creating a user-led taxomony and connecting it to your site architecture"

July 2005, London, England
Content and Knowledge, UK - "User-led content optimisation"

April 2005, London, England
Redesigning your Intranet - "Taxonomy - An Overview"

February 2005, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2nd Annual Practical Taxonomy Design and Application - "Demonstrating the Value of Implementing a User-led Taxonomy"

November 2004, London, England
Demonstrating the Value of Your Intranet - "Demonstrating the value of search engine optimisation"

August 2004, Jakarta, Indonesia
Building the Corporate Portal for your Business - workshop leader and speaker over 2 days to top business leaders in Southeast Asia. Workshop summary available upon request.

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