Do you know who's coming to your site and why? Can your target audience find what they are looking for? Have you integrated your user and web metrics into your content management strategy?

It's about finding information, not looking for it.

Four Square Media is a web services consultancy specialising in content strategy, management, optimisation and classification. Our business is helping your business better-communicate with your different audiences through your online environments.

Topic Spotlight

>> Findability

If your site's suffering from content overload and your users are getting lost, it may be time to think about conducting a Findability Audit on your site.

Four Square Media has developed this unique service in response to these common challenges and can help you optimise your site so that your content can be found the first time, every time.

Our Findability Audit blends a combination of content strategy, classification services (such as taxonomy and thesaurus building) and user and web metrics to help you:

  • Understanding your key audiences and what they are hoping to find on your site,
  • Perform an audit of your current content and site structure,
  • Recommend an approach for content optimisation based on the audit and the audiences, and
  • Create a set of user and web metrics that will help you maintain your content's findability going forward.